How long is 100 milliseconds?

Modern websites are not as fast as they should be. I like when things are really fast. This website so far has taken milliseconds to load. And I am

Not everyone can identify how long 100 milliseconds is, but I think everyone can feel it. Use the slider below to adjust the delay of the following UI elements.

I find that buttons are more forgiving of lag than other kinds of UI elements, but I am still sensitive to delays over 50ms.

Even a single 16ms frame of delay bothers me when typing.

The previous text box just had a delay. This one blocks the main thread, which means the delays can add up if you type fast enough.

Test your accuracy with this game. After clicking the button, report how long it took for the answer form to appear.

My rule is that every 100ms delay matters. And for delays under 100ms, every 16ms frame matters.